Sweden & America
not your typical magazine First cover of the Sweden & America magazine under Swedish News management, 
January 2000.
Sweden & America was a quarterly magazine for anyone with an interest in European lifestyle, travel experiences, contemporary design and the fusion cuisine created by the influences of worlds old and new. It morphed into Nordic Reach magazine in 2002 and started covering all of the Nordic countries, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
The title was founded by the Swedish Council of America. The umbrella organization SCA offered the management and operational responsibility for the magazine to Swedish News, Inc., America’s oldest publishing company for the Swedish and Swedish American population in America, in 1999.
Heavy investments into general newsstand distribution and rapid growth in circulation led to a relaunch under the new name Nordic Reach in 2002. Swedish News, Inc., founded in New York City in 1872 also publishes Swedish America’s oldest, yet most contemporary periodical, Nordstjernan—The Swedish North Star. It also prints and distributes select special interest books, which can be found through Nordic Sampler or amazon.com and many digital networks.